[thelist] NS 6 - comments anyone?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Thu Nov 1 12:23:44 CST 2001

>>  NS6 on the PC is a wonderful browser. I touch slower
>>  than IE6, but it way makes up for it in rendering.

>>  NS6 on the Mac is incredibly slow and buggy.

>  I don't know what model of Mac you are using but NS 6.2
>  on my G3 screams, and 6.1 wasn't bad.

I'm using a 120 Mhz machine. It takes close to 90 seconds to launch 
vs. 4.7's 15-20 seconds. It seems to take it (6.2) about 10 seconds 
to respond to a menu or link click. On version 6.1, 4 out of 5 
attempts to access any URL caused it to return a blank page. After 
trying 6.2 (which I *really would love* to make my primary browser), 
it took so long to wade though the molasses that I gave up.

That having been said: Your mileage may vary, and I may yet find the 
patience to try it again one day soon.

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