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Thu Nov 1 14:46:06 CST 2001


> From: Susan Wallace
> I do have CF5 available, if I can get confirmation that
> there are no known issues with PDF files and Verity in
> CF5 (another subject) I will go ahead with the upgrade
> on my live server.

why not try installing cf5 on your dev server and seeing for yourself if it
has issues?

fwiw, cf5 and the verity engine included with it are greatly improved over
the versions in cf4.0 and cf4.5.  additionally, it's a separate component as
opposed to a piece of the cf server like previous versions.  so, if you need
to upgrade verity now, you can do that without waiting for macromedia to do
it for you.  additionally, if you own the license for cf5 professional, but
need the performance of verity enterprise, you can pay verity and upgrade
just that piece without having to upgrade to the cf5 enterprise license.

> > sounds like a typical "existing keywords" AND "new
> > keywords" type search.
> Is it really that simple? If so, I can keep their
> original keyword in a hidden field, and then use WHERE
> (MyField LIKE OriginalKeyword) AND (MyField LIKE
> NewKeyword)
> I haven't tried that yet, I thought it was too easy...

it's almost that easy.  the problem occurs if you've got any special logic
for when they're searching for more than one keyword.  then the statements
in the parenthesis above get much more complex.  also, how do you handle
situations where they want to perform a search within these results that
came from an existing search within.  you see where i'm headed with this?

fwiw, you'll run into the same situation using cf5's query of queries

any of you search interface gurus have any ideas?

> Oh - and the forums at  forums.allaire.com are an
> outstanding resource.  I don't think that there has ever
> been a case where I was not able to at least get pointed
> in the right direction when I had a CF question. Check
> them out sometime if you have a chance, well, after they
> are back online. :)

yeah, i've used the allaire forums several times in the past to get answers
to obscure questions.  i get easily frustrated with them though cause
they're *so* freakin' slow.  on some days it seems i could walk to the
allaire offices in boston, mass. and pick up paper copies of the postings
faster (and i live in oregon which is in the other side of the continent for
those of you who are us geography challenged).



jeff at members.evolt.org

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