[thelist] Important drawback to use of ProJPEG

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Thu Nov 1 22:54:47 CST 2001

I have found ProJpeg by Boxtop does make appreciably smaller files than
Photoshop itself, but there is at least one drawback that has caused me
a load of grief and should be wider known. 

<tip author="Tony Page">Using ProJPEG: drawbacks  

1.  ProJPEG will strip all copyright, caption, keywords etc file info
from your file when it saves it in the ProJPEG format (this is the
default jpeg format when the plug-in is installed). 
To avoid this you must select 'plain' jpeg from the 'save as' menu.

2. But more importantly (and this is where I came to grief), when you
install the ProJPEG plug-in, Photoshop will OPEN all jpegs in the
ProJPEG format, so that all copyright etc information never makes it
into Photoshop. The copyright sign will NOT appear in the title bar, and
NO file information will be shown in the file info dialogue boxes. 

To avoid this, when the plug-in is installed, you must use 'open as' and
select plain 'jpeg' in the drop down menu, not leave it as 'all
formats'. Then any copyright and file information will be shown as
normal (but of course should you choose to save it as a ProJPEG it will
be lost).

Frankly, this will be a growing problem as more and more images are
using the file info option to provide copyright and credit etc
information, especially stock libraries (keywords to make searching
easier), and the jpeg format is widely used to facilitate downloads. 

I have asked Boxtop whether there is a way to stop their plug-in
becoming the default as far as opening jpeg files are concerned and will
inform the list if I find an answer. Meanwhile, if anyone else has one,
I'd like to know!

Tony Page

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