[thelist] computer power consumption stats

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 21:49:14 CST 2001

I've got 12 machines and 3 laptops, with the 12
workstions (a few servers) never being shutdown.  And
most of them are cranking away doing something (file
serving, gaming, development, web serving) 75% of the
day.   To be honest, I haven't noticed much increase
over the years. 

In one room, we had quite a few breaker trips until I
spread things out to other rooms.  So, obviously
there's a load, just don't know how much it affects
the old electric bill.

I've always heard that leaving electronic equipment on
or in a warm state is much better than powering on and
off constantly.  I believe it too, over the past 10
years, I've never had a monitor, hard drive, or other
piece of equipment fry on me.  And I leave things on
constantly.  The lifespan has been incredible, even on
old piece of crap Packard Bell monitors.  :)

--- spinhead <evolt at spinhead.com> wrote:
> Know of any online info re: how much power a
> computer uses when it's in full
> power-saving mode? Seems the local utility co told
> my wife that a potential
> cause of our larger electric bill is 'increased
> computer use' and now she
> insists that all machines be shut down every night.
> Including my server. I
> really need some comparison to a normal household
> item, e.g. 'in power save
> mode, a computer uses the same electricity as a 40
> watt light bulb' would be
> nice.
> spinhead
> Okay, so I have 9 computers. That's not excessive is
> it? It's only 1.5 per
> person.
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