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Plunkett, Matt MPlunkett at MSA.com
Mon Nov 5 10:36:38 CST 2001

I have not tried the newest version of HomeSite, but my experience has been
that it is a memory hog.  It constantly pops up messages that tell me to
save all my applications because my memory is low.  With 128 MB of RAM, that
just isn't acceptable in my mind.  

EditPlus (and TextPad) are great lightweight editors.

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	ah ha. I smell a bake off :)

	> EditPlus dig? Unless 'dig' has changed meanings and now means 'way
	> <tip type="EditPlus Keyboard Shortcut Assignment">
	>     Tools->Preferences->Tools-Keyboard->File->FileFTPUpload. By
default it
	> is Ctrl-Shift-S.
	> </tip>

	how about a script that uploads all the open files...
	Or, say, parses the current document for all it's dependants and
	those too?
	Or, lemme see, gets a list of files in the current directory,
	it to you, and then uploads the ones you checked?

	all of this written in a handy language like javascript, and invoked
	with a keyboard shortcut, or a button on a toolbar within Homesite


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