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"Plunkett, Matt" wrote:
> I have not tried the newest version of HomeSite, but my experience has been
> that it is a memory hog.  It constantly pops up messages that tell me to
> save all my applications because my memory is low.  With 128 MB of RAM, that
> just isn't acceptable in my mind.

I'm running 4.5.2 .. it fixed some of the memory problems previous 4.*
versions were having, but you are right- it still takes more than it

> EditPlus (and TextPad) are great lightweight editors.

agreed.. and my ideal editor would be an editplus or textpad with a few
of homesite's features, with a more open architecture that allows much
more scripting and customization. Of the numerous features homesite has,
I use maybe 20%. I like the internal, built-in preview (browser). I like
the color coding (fairly common now). I like the multi-pane thing (all
hideable/viewable from keyboard shortcuts) for the resource tabs and
results. I don't use tag completion.. though that might be handy working
when with a different language or tag set ..e.g a custom dtd/schema. I
do like the regexp-capable extended search and replace (multi-line). I
like the code collapsing feature (though it's still a little slow/buggy
so I don't use it as much as I like.. I also want it to be scriptable) 

I like the snippets, I like the customiseable toolbars. I like the
properties menu commands to strip tags, make lists, add dates etc.. This
too should be configurable.

you get the idea. I'm not wed to Homesite at all.. quite the contrary,
as I fully it expect it to get worse rather than better over time. I
just want to see someone adopt the good stuff and built it into a fast
lightweight editor/environment (not ala first page 2k, which cloned the
interface and missed the useful features)

anyhow enough ranting.. and a tip to salve my own conscience for
inflicting this on you all

<tip type="working with multiple code editors">
No one tool does it all. Maybe Ultraedit it great for handling large
files, it's easy macros, column mode editing. But Homesite is better for
your day to day html/asp type work. But Dreamweaver is better when
making simple copy changes within complex layouts. 
Invest in RAM and run them all at once. When you alt+tab over, each will
prompt you to reload the changed file.. do what you need to do, save and
alt+tab back. 
While waiting for the perfect editor there's work to do.. 
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>         ah ha. I smell a bake off :)
>         > EditPlus dig? Unless 'dig' has changed meanings and now means 'way
> cool'
>         > <tip type="EditPlus Keyboard Shortcut Assignment">
>         >     Tools->Preferences->Tools-Keyboard->File->FileFTPUpload. By
> default it
>         > is Ctrl-Shift-S.
>         > </tip>
>         how about a script that uploads all the open files...
>         Or, say, parses the current document for all it's dependants and
> uploads
>         those too?
>         Or, lemme see, gets a list of files in the current directory,
> presents
>         it to you, and then uploads the ones you checked?
>         all of this written in a handy language like javascript, and invoked
>         with a keyboard shortcut, or a button on a toolbar within Homesite
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