[thelist] Problem with applet reloading

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Mon Nov 5 11:26:05 CST 2001

Hi Kristina -
The pictures you see in the applet are not the ones I'm going to use; this is just a prototype...and there will be 10 of them ... and, yes, I'll probably slow it down. My main concern is what I originally wrote about -- the reloading problem whenever I go back to the Home page. The more I think of it, the more it may be a problem. If it takes this long with three pix, how long will it take showing 10? Just some musings. Thanks for your input.


> > It's when I go to other pages using I.E. 5.5, then go back to the
> > Home page that the problem starts. It attempts to reload and I
> > either see a "blank" space for a long time or it loads in text from
> > the paragraphs above it. Weird. I haven't checked it out in NN4.7 or
> > 6.1 yet to see if the same thing happens. 
> ::
>  The applet worked fine for me in IE5.5 and N4.7 (though the font is a
>  little small in N4.7)
>  As the paintings seem to be so similar, it was difficult to see what
>  they are as they fade through the sequence.  Perhaps just one
>  picture of a painting in that position would work?  (just a thought)
>  Then you could lose the applet.....  or lenghten the time that a
>  whole painting is visible, as the fade seems to be quite fast...
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