removing those htaccess passwords (was Re: [thelist] admin: late posts)

Marc Seyon seyon at
Mon Nov 5 21:09:17 CST 2001

At 11/5/2001 04:47 PM, you wrote:
>Hola folks -
>You may notice some emails dated from the past couple days just now 
>entering your inboxes.

Aha, that explains it... I found it was a bit quiet, even for the weekend.

><tip type="easy apache password protection">
>If you've got an Apache server and want a quick and easy way to password 
>protect certain directories, add the following to an .htaccess file in teh 
>directory you want to protect:

I've got a question about this. We did just this a couple years back, but 
now we've got a situation where we do not have some of the passwords any 
more - case of changing personnel. Is there a way to disable/remove these 
passwords, without knowing what they are?


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