[thelist] stolen content

Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 6 07:18:40 CST 2001

>The list of therapists on that page has been stolen by another site...
>Is this legal ? i'm afraid it is because he hasn't got a disclaimer or legal
>notice on his site. Even if he had one, personally, I think it would still
>be legal, altough a good notice would scare away potential thieves (a

Hi Jelle,

Copyright is intended to protect creative works, not publicly available 
factual information, so yes, copying the list from your boss's site is 
probably legal. (Assuming that the information could feasibly be compiled 
from other sources, etc.)

If your HTML code, presentation, and other text has been directly copied, 
then you could ask the person that has copied it to change it. However, you 
are unlikely to be able to ask them to remove the information, only the 
copied presentation.


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