[thelist] XML and DHTML book recommendations

Edwin Martin e.j.martin at chello.nl
Wed Nov 7 16:25:25 CST 2001

Minh Lee Goon,

>I'm looking to start experimenting with XML and DHTML. I know there are
>experts out there, so I'm asking if you would recommend some references
>on either or both topics. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

My favorite DHTML-book is "Dynamic HTML - The Definitive
Reference" by Danny Goodman. It's actually four books in one
(HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript).

It's a bit old, but that's no problem since most of us still have to
make our sites for NN4 and IE4.

Although I really think the DOM-ECMAScript language bindings
should have been covered 

For XML, I love "XML in a Nutshell". (I love the Nutshell books).
It's pretty up-to-date and covers a lot of XML. Unfortunately,
XML Schema is not covered.

Edwin Martin.

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