[thelist] Opinion and advice wanted

Bob Boisvert webdad at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Nov 7 14:25:55 CST 2001

Thanks to all who replied to the previous email about floating images...Was
very helpful!

This may be a silly question but my head just isn't working right after the
pounding my children gave me today. If any of you have twins, you know what
I mean...

I'm actually looking for some advice on approaching the design now.  The
page layout on this site I'm working on is going to be pretty much the same
on every page with exception to the content.

The pages will have a masthead, a floating logo, and a 9 link text menu on
the left. The page is using tables for both masthead and the text menu.
There will be external links also.  Which would be correct, to set this up
as CSS or a SSI for basic page layout, or is neither of these the right
option.  My assumption is that viewers of the web site will either have IE4
or higher and Netscape 4 or higher.

The web site is for a news station.


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