[thelist] searchshots.com (was: Amazon design change - again)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Nov 7 20:06:03 CST 2001

> And this is *really* nifty. Where'd you dig this one up from rudy?

last year, i think, but darned if i can remember where, perhaps lockergnome

heck i even have trouble remembering what colour socks i got on
(made you look)

i don't use searchshots much because it's based on dmoz, and their database
ain't all that extensive when compared to google or alltheweb/fast

occasionally i'll use the classic profusion interface --


because it lets me query several other engines quickly

and if i *know* the site is out there but just can't remember the url or
name, i'll use ixquick.com

> http://members.evolt.org/lindsay/searchshots.gif

thanks lindsay, yeah, you're right, it gets messy

anybody tried http://www.teoma.com or http://www.wisenut.com yet?  rants?
raves?   wisenut says it has 1.5 billion pages, i think that's up around
the number in google...


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