[thelist] design critique (or whatever you wanna do, really)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 8 10:19:54 CST 2001

> From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>
> I'd put the screenshot on the right-side to avoid the awkward
> right-aligned project description. If necessary, I'd make the text
> larger also to strengthen it. Not sure if you prefer to emphasise the
> solution (text) rather than the design (screenshot). I'd choose the
> former.

thing is, i want the screenshot to face the right, since it's a 
"forward" face, as opposed to facing left, which seems to be 
looking back... and the screenshot is the focus, not the copy, so 
that adjust my thinking a bit...

> You should definitely work on your right-side alignment of the
> frontdoor. The tagline, bizname, navigation, and project description
> should all be aligned. Currently, the nav and desc don't align with
> the tagline and bizname.

browser/OS?  they line up here in Mac/Win IE5+ and N6...

> Your footer on internal pages looks very strange at smaller sizes. You
> could try left-aligning it with the internal content.

yeah, that's a bit wonky, too many lines of copy, too...

> Finally (for now), the internal and frontdoor navigation mouseovers
> are odd. Notice that they don't meet the very edge of the nav bar.
> This gives a black "leftover" line which does not fit with the blocks
> of colour used predominantly throughout the site.

that was by design... i wanted the black to still frame and contain 
the navigation, making it more of a strip of nav than blocks color 
that happen to be nav... hmmm...

good input, thanks...

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