[thelist] mini screenshot techniques

Ben Henick persist1 at io.com
Thu Nov 8 13:13:34 CST 2001

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, aardvark wrote:

> first off, get your window to a size that is an even multiple of 200 --
> this means 800x800 is best, since you're reducing every 4 pixels to
> one pixel (instead of 3 to 1 at 600x600)...

This one is relatively minor, but helps.

> get the browser window sized, and do an alt-printscreen... this
> captures the current window...

...Or just reset your display resolution and maximize the display
resolution.  If you're happy with merely resizing the window, there are
bookmarklets that will help (javascript: urls in your Links bar will work
for the purpose as well).


> play around with Unsharp Mask to regain some of the edges...

[Me too!]  Take note of the fact using the Unsharp Mask filter will also
have the consequence of increasing image contrast.

> see if that does the trick...

When working with screencaps, I've found that the optimization settings
and file formats are important.  You'll want to spend LOTS of time with
your Optimize palette in ImageReady to get the best compromise.  The
caveat here is that (surprise!) JPEG's likely a poor format choice if the
page you're capturing has a lot of white space.  If that's the case,
you'll want (if you're on a PC) to switch to {Display Properties >
Appearance} settings that don't use gradients or lots of colors.

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