[thelist] LLC with international partners

Bev Corwin bev at enso-company.com
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Dear Richard,

It is up to State Corporation Law,  and it varies state by state........but
here in Washington,  you can have foreign stock holders in your private
company,  though there is usually a limit to how much of the company they
can own.  Of course,  I am not a lawyer,  so I would consult you to seek
professional legal counsel on this,  since I could be incorrect and the laws
do change, so its best to consult an attorney in the state where you plan to


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> Hi,
> I am looking into setting up a LLC with two colleges based in Minnesota.
> The main problem is I am British, and live in Belgium.
> Naturally I asked my accountant to look into this, but I wondered if
> on the list had any experience with this?
> Can someone living overseas be a part-owner of a US  LLC?
> Any insight is appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Richard.
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