[thelist] Browsers Stastics: Netscape 8?

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Thu Nov 8 22:59:30 CST 2001

On 8 Nov 2001, at 15:22, billybad posted a message which said:

> i'm having a look to a webserver statistics.
> and i have 2 strange hits done by Netscape 8....
> Can anyone tell me what's that browser?
> Is it released? Is it a spider?
> Is it possible to have more info on that browser?

If you get any hits from Mozilla/10.3, it's probably one of
several utilities I wrote for a website I run. There's a view 
source utility, a URL extractor, and a PDF2HTML translator. 
They are particularly valuable to MSNTV (WebTV) users.

I suspect that Netscape/8 is something similar.


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