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Jim MacCormaic thelook at indigo.ie
Thu Nov 8 23:00:25 CST 2001

On Friday, November 9, 2001, at 03:57  am, Cayley Vos wrote:

> I created a new page
> which looked fine to me in Mac but IE/win shows the text as 2 small
> columns that dont auto fill the cells.
> also, the horizontal bars dont fill the lines between the top and bottom
> row of buttons on Netscape.

I know you said it looked fine on Mac, but I checked it out anyway, 
using OmniWeb and Internet Explorer 5.1.3 on OS X. The text blocks fill 
the cells in both browsers, and the horizontal bars are fine.

However, I'm afraid that I prefer the sheer look of the original. The 
original images look much better than your new live text linked to a 
style sheet. Your serif font does not read well against the black 
background, it is too small to be comfortably legible, and having it 
ranged left and aligned top is a dis-improvement on centered ranging and 

Did you intend to drop the 5-star rating? Are the plain background and 
plain border in the central area temporary? Again I think the original 
looks better.

I notice that you have made some changes to the copy, having spotted 
some errors in the original. However, (in the left-hand block) 
'accommodation' has 2 'm's, and I would finish the first sentence after 
'central London' and continue 'Located in the exclusive Mayfair 
district, the apartments . . .' In the other text block I certainly 
prefer your revised wording, but 'laundary' is obviously a typo for 
'laundry', and I would personally hyphenate '24-hour'.

Jim MacCormaic
Dublin, Ireland

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