[thelist] valid wysywig help (does no one love me?)

Niklaus Haldimann nhaldimann at gmx.ch
Fri Nov 9 11:03:34 CST 2001

On 9 Nov 01, at 11:32, Adam wrote:
> I guess my REAL question is, does this kind of functionality fall within
> the guidelines for valid use of javascript/ ECMAscript anyone? .spazz.

Well, depends on who's guidelines you want to follow. ;) Although I 
find popups generally and moving popups specifically a bit annoying, 
I'd say it's formally OK to do it. If you relie on JS to open a new 
window you may as well relie on it to move the window around. If you 
must do a popup just be sure to provide a possibility for non-JS 
browsers (that includes for example search engine spiders) to access 
the contents of the popup.

As for the sliding-to-the-center effect you're after: As you 
suspected the script on the page you mentioned could be stripped down 
a bit. It's not all that easy, though. I'd give it a try if I wasn't 
to leave just now. ;)


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