[thelist] http download problems

Frank framar at interlog.com
Sat Nov 10 00:30:19 CST 2001

>  People kind of have a tendency to keep clicking along
>  what ever path they have started/trusted, regardless if
>  it's a good or bad thing and continue until they have
>  some new software to (intuitively we hope), play with,
>  or their computer crashes.

Interesting observation. The back of my mind had noticed it, but I've 
never heard it articulated.

>  Totally agree with your logic regarding the
>  newbies/CEO's out there tho', might be worth checking
>  out how AOL handles this sort of goof proofing, kind of
>  see the state of the art in dealing with this sort of
>  user, if you know what I mean.

That's also a good idea. I'm all for stealing concepts. If it works 
well for one, if properly implemented, why not another?


Our best destiny, as planetary cohabitants, is the development
of what has been called "species consciousness" - something over
and above nationalisms, blocs, religions, ethnicities.

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