[thelist] Flash degrading to .gif

muinar muinar at gmx.net
Mon Dec 3 17:24:05 CST 2001

Hi aardvark

You could always show a 'static swf' in Flash v2 (almost all systems
have it) and then test for Flash 5 in the Flash movie itself before
you advance to the motion.

Please tell me if you need some details for this kind of Flash test.

At 12:07 03.12.01 -0500, you wrote:
> > From: Fortune Elkins <fortune_elkins at summithq.com>
> > to do this don't you just need to choose the correct publish setting
> > out of flash? if you publish out a gif with the right option, flash
> > will write out the code for you, right?
>nope, Flash's HTML is pretty poor, even after you fix it...

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