[thelist] php vs asp [More specific]

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Dec 7 20:02:46 CST 2001

Consider your purpose: are you looking to learn a new language and expand
your horizons? PHP shouldn't be a tough jump from ASP.

If you're looking to get a job done and have a deadline or just want to get
down to business, there are about a million sites utilizing the ASP on MSSQL
combination. Should work for you, too. Start with Access, and make (IIRC) a
few minor tweaks when MSSQL is in the budget.


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> Okay, Jon ;)
> Say I'm starting a dotcom right now.  I known ASP (with VBScript) and
> Access will be enough to begin with as a DB, but I want to be able to move
> up to SQL relatively painlessly as soon as things get iffy - with ASP I
> that chance better than I would with PHP.
> My question would be (and taking into account Eol's remarks about never
> leaving an IIS environment) would I get more bang for my buck if I learned
> PHP right here, right now and use that as my dynamic web page generator,
> should I just concentrate on making the ASP as good as I can (I have zero
> experience of PHP and I can imagine a lot of trawling the web looking for
> "how do I..." sites, which is not really a concern of mine when it comes
> ASP).
> Regardless of the OS, the webserver, the version of PHP and (quite
> the database, is there any real point in learning and developing with PHP
> (other than my own insatiable thirst for knowledge ;).
> Lordy, I do believe that's even more general...  "Should I learn PHP?"
> indeed!

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