[thelist] NS Repeating Background Problem

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 10 13:12:16 CST 2001

> From: "Aleem" <aleem at mindless.com>
> (IE - this is how it should
> look.. still has a few JS bugs I will look over after I resolve the
> browser issue)
> (Netscape - Check this in
> IE also to see what I mean)
> It's going totally berserk! As soon as I put the style tag, in the
> table tag, the other layers align at the bottom, but when I take it
> off from the CONTENT section, things are back to normal... normal
> meaning the layout resolves but the background still doesn't repeat.

ahh, see, you're using spans and divs... NN4.x does not excel at 
rendering this stuff -- a lot of your styles aren't supported by 
navigator, in many cases some of the attributes you call weren't in 
the specs until after version 4 came out...

part of the issue is the type of layout (tables are the best way to 
handle for NN4.x, since CSS-driven layouts just won't work)... if 
NN4.x is really that much a part of your audience, you may have to 
rethink some of what you're doing...

> <rant>
> Given, I can work around this using style sheets, it still bothers me
> that NS doesn't support repeating GIFs and even more so that it
> doesn't support transparency in PNGs! I feel like NS doesn't deserve
> the effort I put in to make my site comply with their standards...
> only if the users knew! </rant>

supporting Navigator is one thing -- it's an old legacy browser with 
loads of quirks that was released before a lot of the current specs 
were finalized...  Netscape (which is the version 6.x browser), 
OTOH, does a much better job...

you have to decide if you *want* to support it... we all wrestle with 
these issues, so don't take it personally if your rant falls on deaf 
ears... but if you choose to support it, you may have to re-code...

oh, and don't forget to trim your replies...

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