[thelist] How do you handle search engine optimization?

Jer jerjer at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 11 22:59:01 CST 2001

When search engine positioning is critical to the success of the planned web
site, it must be considered during the design phase of the project.  It can
never be treated as an afterthought.  Although it is true that the pay per
click model is beginning to dominate, META tags, TITLE tags, content/pages
focused on significant keyword phrases, ALT tags, minimization of javascript
rollovers and images, text links, etc. still play a crucial role in driving
traffic to a web site. Both search engine optimization and design functions
must form a cohesive team to achieve the ultimate goal.

Either bring a search engine positioning team on board at the initial design
phase or hire an individual with the appropriate expertise.Lacking expertise
in either discipline will result in failure.

Additionally, bear in mind that search engine success is dependent on a
continual focus.  Daily monitoring, tweaking, submitting, adjusting...

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> Hello,
> I have a client that wants his website to appear at the top of the
> search engines. Now, what I am not asking is how to get it there, that
> will be figured out later.
> What I am asking is how do people handle this issue in their own designs

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