[thelist] 3d modeling software recommendations?

Christopher Orth corth at nwlink.com
Mon Dec 17 12:27:39 CST 2001

> Can anyone recommend any good 3d modeling software?

Well, Lightwave would be the program at the top of my list.  Runs on many
platforms and can be had for a decent price, especially if you do a
competitive upgrade.  And the wealth of free tutorials, as well as books and
videos is amazing.  The power and ease of use this program offers right out
of the box is incredible.  I would also highly recommend Maxon's Cinema 4D

If you need a more cost effective solution you could get one of the Cinema
4D packages below the XL one.  I think there are two versions that come in
under $1000 and are still extremely capable.  And the most cost effective 3D
program of all is Studio Pro.  It used to be Strata Studio Pro but now is
given away for free, and you can register the program for more features for
something like $30.  While the feature set is a couple years behind other
programs you still get a knockout rendering engine and most of the basic
modeling tools you will need.  Check out http://www.strata.com/

What it comes down to is this..... How serious are you?  If you want to do
some really good 3D and have the time to invest in learning, then get a good
tool that you are comfortable with.  While you can create some stunning art
with some of the very cheap or free 3D packages you will also find that
there are just a lot of features that will be unavailable or not really
strong enough to make use of, so choose wisely based upon your needs.


Christopher Orth
corth at nwlink.com
Poser Arcana - http://www.awakemm.com/poserarcana/

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