[thelist] Templating solutions?

Don Makoviney donm at allensysgroup.com
Mon Dec 31 07:28:58 CST 2001

This is a good simple article using a template with Classic ASP.\:

Using query strings to separate navigation from content

Hope that helps.

Don Makoviney

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Hi there!

During the last two weeks or so, I've been bugged by a question deep
inside me.
It's about various templating solutions used with dynamic web

Oftentimes simply embedding the code into the HTML template does the
Othertimes the
<code>include("header.inc");</code>    and
<code>include("footer.inc");</code> works its magic.

There are, however, also moments when such approaches aren't enough and
something else is required.

What does one do when the templates of most pages within one site differ
in look
and feel? One possibility would be to specify a template, load it into a
variable and replace certain marked spots (a la "<!--left_navbar-->") with
dynamically created code/text using eregi_replace() or something similar.

What are the templating solutions available? Pros and cons?

How do you solve your templating?

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