[thelist] The use of color (was site header and logo)

Don Makoviney donm at allensysgroup.com
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Some good articles I have archived on my site regarding this topic:

Web-Graphics: A Review of Web Based Color Pickers
Author: Nathan Steiner - This review includes some core details about many
of the currently available and popular online color picking tools, so that
you can choose which tool has the right combination of features for the
way you work.

Colorcom: Color and Usability
Author: J.L. Morton - This points to another usability issue. In the world
of computers, it's known as user-interface design. From the visual
interface of the operating system to the software components and
peripherals, colors and symbols help you find your way and get the job
done. In the same way that color works in an international airport, color
combined with shapes and symbols will mean the difference between
successful computer-human interaction or confusion.

Creative Pro: Learning to Use Color
Author: Ron Wilder - While the choice of color is one of the most
subjective decisions in the world of design, it's still important to
understand the theory behind why you should choose one set of colors over
another. The theory may not let you instantly select a color scheme, but
it will certainly lead you along the right path.

HitBox: Add Color with Flare and Care
Author: Staff Writer - There are different emotions we want to play out to
the fullest depending on our Web site's motivation. Working with the
colors and tone of our design will help us create the emotion we desire
and if we don't take effort to work with it, we'll create the wrong
impression, possibly alienating the very readers we wish to attract. We
should take into consideration the different emotional, symbolic, and
cultural meanings of colors when designing a Web site theme.

Hope that helps.

Don Makoviney

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Hello, thanks for both your and Ben's answers.

Thanks to Ben who's found the RGB2HSV function:

Heather, I was not interrested in getting the inverse of a RGB color,
because I already worked the solution out, it wasn't that hard :-)
But as far as my art theory goes, inverse colours are not specialy useful
visually, except for black and white.. (perhaps I don't see the obvious
usefulness of inverse colours?)

It was just that I recently heard of a complimentary color to each color,
and I thought I could use that in order to create visually pleasing sites
without choosing the base colour myself.

Since I'll do it in PHP, I think once you have converted your RGB values
HSV, you have to do a rotation of the H angle, change a little bit (random
offset) S and V values for not looking too rigid in the choice of colours.
Then you'll have to convert back your new HSV values to RGB in order to
them in HTML table borders and likewise graphical elements on your page.

from what I understood, the rotation of H angle should be 180°
I take this from this page:
I think it's correct, I'll report to evolt about that after my tests if

I'll do testing on toulonparadise.com as soon as I have the courage,
next year :-)

Thanks again


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