[thelist] The use of color (was site header and logo)

Gary Pool gary at whiteroseproductions.com
Wed Jan 2 14:43:52 CST 2002

Combining colors is like combining notes to make a chord.
It is all dependant on the feel one is trying to convey.

What colors go with each other is more a matter of personal choice 
than mathematics.
It is the feeling one gets from the color combination that is important.

Coloring a website is like composing music. The site can go any where 
from a Classical Orchestral composition  (hey don't forget Frank 
Zappa) to a Three Chord Rocker.
So let your creative juices flow and take your audience where you 
want them to go!

If you are looking for web colors that are already grouped for you?
I would suggest <coloring web graphics> by Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin.
This great reference book  comes with a CD that contains Color 
Groupings/Swatches ready to be downloaded into Photoshop.
Gary Pool
gary at whiteroseproductions.com
Web Developer White Rose Productions

"10 percent of computer users are Mac users, but remember, we are the 
top 10 percent."
- Douglas Adams

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