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Chad Savage :: zTc jg3_savage at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 15:16:27 CST 2002

At 06:21 PM 1/2/02 +0100, you burped up the following nugget of wisdom:
>Is there 1 format everyone can use no matter what computer/player? (mpeg
>should be possible, but makes the movies way to big)
>Or should I offer them in different formats and let the user choose which
>one he wants to see?

I noticed that nobody's mentioned RealPlayer...

On sites like atomfilms.com and ifilm.com, the standard is to offer Windows Media and RealMedia. For what it's worth.

My argument against QuickTime is the completely unnecessary "Hey, why not upgrade to the full version that you have no use for?" pop ups the free version insists on displayiing every time you use it... but that's just me.

AVI is dicey if you don't have the codec and don't know much about video formats. I'm a bit of a game and video geek, and it was still an embarassingly long time before I realized the reason so many .AVI files only played sound on my machine was because I needed the DivX codec...

My 2¢, anyhoo.

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