[thelist] Opinion on movieformats

C Williams seahorse at inreach.com
Wed Jan 2 12:33:03 CST 2002

If your audience is really patient and you dont have any other way of
presenting the material go for the quicktime, but I would steer away from it
for such a short sequence. You might save out your sequence as an animated
gif which would not require plug ins.  All the other formats would require a
plug in like Flash, etc, and some of us dont use flash. If you render an
mjpeg sequence, you will still need a player.  You could loop the .gif file
and avoid using the player. Have the user click on the link to stop and
start the .gif

But then again,  if you have pictures and diagrams, then user doenst have to
use plug ins to see what is going on, and the ones which do, can wait for
the movies.

Site looks interesting...too bad in another language!


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> Hello,
> I want to include 3 small movies (45sec max) in my webpage explaining a
> things by using video instead of text.
> At the moment http://test.graciebarra.be has the little movies (click on
> 3 small pictures), in quicktime format.
> What format would you use?
> Is quicktime a good choice? Someone said I'm excluding linux/unix and even
> pc users, because most of them don't have quicktime installed.
> Is there 1 format everyone can use no matter what computer/player? (mpeg
> should be possible, but makes the movies way to big)
> Or should I offer them in different formats and let the user choose which
> one he wants to see?
> Thanks,
> Maurice
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