[thelist] Opinion on movieformats

Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Wed Jan 2 11:30:24 CST 2002

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From: "maurice" <maurice at graciebarra.be>
Subject: [thelist] Opinion on movieformats

> Is quicktime a good choice? Someone said I'm excluding linux/unix and even
> pc users, because most of them don't have quicktime installed.

Whats important (IMHO) is that a Quicktime player is available across all
these platforms. I know that there are QT players available for Windows,
Mac, and Amiga. I'm not sure about the others.

> Is there 1 format everyone can use no matter what computer/player? (mpeg
> should be possible, but makes the movies way to big)

AVI as long as you use a decent codec?

> Or should I offer them in different formats and let the user choose which
> one he wants to see?

Sounds sensible to me :-) I would put QT and AVI personally.

Another option is to use a Flash file - i believe there are tools available
to convert AVI to SWF files. I dont have a lot of experience in that field


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