[thelist] The use of color (was site header and logo)

Heather Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Tue Jan 1 08:43:56 CST 2002

Maybe you'll consider it in the future.  IMHO, color and value 
manipulations are the only tools we have for creating depth and dynamic 
effects in this purely flat medium, and these evoke a deep visceral 
response that pulls people back to a page (considering response to 
visuals only).  Your links and those of Don Makoviney are great.  But 
putting together a personal position on color adds depth and perspective 
to the color dialogue -- or creates a dialogue that broadens a lot of 
individual internal monologues -- and I would look forward to a color 
article from either or both of you.

Ben Henick wrote:

>Erm, my formal training in the subject is exactly... zero.  If I read like
>any kind of expert, it's because I write well.  *grin*
>For me to do justice to the subject would probably require several days of
>research that I don't have; I'm positively swamped right now.  :-(
>I've not had the time to check out the links that Don passed along, but I
>imagine they'd be a great start.
>While the following focusses more on the technical aspects (as opposed to
>the practical, CHI, or aesthetic ones), there are sure to be a few gems:
>Related suggestion for thesite subscribers:  perhaps it'd be a good idea
>to put more detail into the taxonomy of the site, so that the archive of
>articles could be effectively browsed by visitors searching for material
>on a very narrow topic?


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