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John Corry john at neoncowboy.com
Wed Jan 2 14:36:54 CST 2002

I'm sick, trying to convince myself that since the work I do is in my mind,
it doesn't matter how I feel...that strategy is sort of working, but I'm
still miserable :(

'K, here's my problem:

I have a very successful client, http://www.ksmaui.com who realizes the need
for a redesign. I didn't 'design' the sit in the first place, just took over
production when the webgirl he'd hired dropped the ball.

If I can justify it, he's ready to spend enough money to get me out of
credit card debt.

I have a meeting with him on Friday and am trying to work out an approach
for project planning, and mainly just need to sound like I absolutely know
what I'm talking about. I'm making a list of questions to ask now, to try to
get an idea of what we need to do.

What I'm looking for here is your combined experience in this area. How do
you come up with 'design documents'? How do you determine what is needed to
meet the client's expectations/goals? By what process do you come up with
the client's (web development) needs? Can you see where I'm going with
this...hwat I'm looking for?

I'm trying to develop a more clear-cut process to determine what my clients
need, and then show them how we got there so I can justify the (usually
greater) expense of producing *that* site.

If I get good stuff on this topic, I'll write an article. If you want me to
sign a NDA before I look at your documentation, I don't have a problem with

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