[thelist] Simple graphics question (second posting)

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 2 14:37:16 CST 2002

Hi Hershel -

Sorry this didn't get through at first.. Got held up by thelist software 
for manual approval(nothing on your part :)

Anywho, I'm a programmer too, but when I decide to dabble with images, I 
usually use the GIMP which is free and runs on windows as well as linux( 
i think).. If I don't have the option to use my linux box and am on 
windows, Fireworks is usually my choice application. It's not free, but 
its pretty intuitive and not as complicated as photoshop.

btw, i'd probably *still* fail 5th grade art class ;)



Hershel Robinson wrote:

> I posted this yesterday but it seems to have gotten lost somewhere.  Here it
> is again:
> OK, I'm a programmer.  I do a bit of design here and there but I'm no pro.
> Some things I can do and some things I can't do.
> I have a client with a small graphics need.  He has the background GIF with
> rollover for his buttons.  It's a little cloud.  Now I need to put the
> different names of the buttons inside the GIFs.  I have to get the letters
> to match (i.e. same position) in the normal and in the rollover versions and
> I need to get the buttons to all match each other.
> The second part I can probably do but the first part I can't do it exactly.
> I don't have much in the way of graphics tools.  I have Corel PhotoHouse
> which I usually use for simple graphics stuff and I have PBM and Kai Photo
> Soap.  Aside from that, I have available the wide world of freeware for
> Windows 2K :)
> Any advice as to how to proceed is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Hershel, who nearly failed 5th grade art class :)

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