[thelist] Simple graphics question (second posting)

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Wed Jan 2 14:38:33 CST 2002

Hi Hershel

Well, if you're a programmer, then why not add the images programmatically?
After all, that's exactly what ready made programs would do, no?

Take all backgrounds, and to each "add" the text. Little C program , and
voila, you're done :)

PS. I do have the code here somewhere for that, but it's part of a book that
is still in a box somewhere in the basement.
PPS. I hate moving...
PPPS. it will take me months to clean up that basement. Maybe you're better
off getting a 30 days demo after all

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From: "Hershel Robinson" <hershelsr at yahoo.com>

> OK, I'm a programmer.
> I have a client with a small graphics need.  He has the background GIF
> rollover for his buttons.  It's a little cloud.  Now I need to put the
> different names of the buttons inside the GIFs.  I have to get the letters
> to match (i.e. same position) in the normal and in the rollover versions
> I need to get the buttons to all match each other.

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