[thelist] Also Graphics Related

Dave W dw at clara.co.uk
Thu Jan 3 08:56:26 CST 2002


Have you got Dreamweaver / Fireworks? Dreamweaver has a add-in command to
create a photo album. Fireworks will also do batch processing.

You could also try GIMP (http://www.gimp.org) - it seems to do just about
everything! So much that it's complexity scares me off it. Does anyone use
GIMP on a regular basis? What do you think of it?


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> Since we're on the subject, I'll post a graphics question Ive had
> for a week
> or so now.
> My personal website has a photo album that uses one page to display
> thumbnails and another to dynamically grab the image and display
> it for the
> user.  Currently Im manually creating each thumbnail and having
> to maintain
> two directories (one for thumbs and one for original sizes).  Id like to
> automate the resizing of the images, but I havent found much in the way of
> examples.
> I did find a component (ASPImage) that does the resizing but it
> costs and Id
> like to find something free or just write it myself.  I know I
> can grab the
> dimensions of the image and do a HEIGHT= and WIDTH= but that
> still forces a
> DL of the entire image size.
> The searches Ive conducted on Google/Dogpile/et cetera havent come up with
> anything; does anyone know where to begin with something like this?
> Thanks.
> --Salvatore
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