[thelist] support for i-frames??

MRC webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Wed Jan 2 14:55:04 CST 2002


> Which browsers support I -frames?
> I was always under the impression that they were an IE only thing ---

    At one time, the iframe was IE-proprietary; however, the HTML 4.x
recommendation codified it as a standard [1] (albeit with fewer attributes
than recognized by IE). Netscape 4.x does *not* support the iframe element;
Netscape 6.x does.

> I was looking at the following site (http://www.wickedfresh.com/index.html
> ) and they seem to work fine in NN4.

    The site sniffs your browser and then redirects to a browser-appropriate
page. Try opening the link above in Netscape 4.x; you'll see that it is
redirected to frames.html. Look at the source in Netscape 4.x: it's nothing
more than a traditional frameset.

> Any other issues/problems I should be aware of when implementing?

    Aside from lack of support from Netscape 4.x, concerns related to the
use of any type of framed document apply (e.g., bookmarking a page may not
maintain the document contained within the iframe; the address/location bar
will not reflect changes made to the source of the iframe, etc.).

James Aylard

1. http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/present/frames.html#edef-IFRAME

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