[thelist] Hardware list or reviews of web servers?

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Wed Jan 2 18:05:18 CST 2002

I agree, if price/performance ratio is your most important metric, then a
Dual Athlon server is the way to go. At our shop, we are 100% Intel/HP
rackmounts, and we pay through the nose for that extra bit of security
knowing that if something goes wrong with a server, HP will have the
replacement part here in 4 hours. We could probably build two or three AMD
server's with the amount we pay for 1 HP 1U Dual P3 1.26 Ghz system...

If I had the time or inclination (and willingness to out argue the Intel
bigots...heh) we would be 100% hand built Athlon based though. Check out
this Anandtech article where they state that the Dual Athlon might be the
"perfect server".

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> Hey Chris -
> The most cost effective solution these days for webservers is dual
> athlon servers. for about half the cost of a dual p4, a dual athlon will
> provide about 15-25% better performance. You could build your own
> machine with components for around 1500 or you could buy it from a
> reseller like www.pengiuncomputing.com who i've had real good luck with
> over the years.
> If you can provide more details on what kind of traffic you're getting,
> I can provide more details on what you should be looking for, but that
> should get you thinking :)
> .djc.
> Chris George wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > I hope everyone had a great holiday season.
> >
> > To usher in the new year, it has come to our attention that our Web Site
> > finally outgrew our Web server.
> >
> > So now we need to make some decisions.  Right now it¹s running on a dual
> > P2-300 with a Gig of ram, Raid 4 (I think) HD¹s, Redhat/Apache and we
> > connect to a SQL database on the same line.
> >
> > Does anyone have any recommendations on where we can go for decent
> > reviews (of out of the box servers), or best configurations if we want
> > roll our own?   Or even what they prefer ­ hand rolled or whatever.
> > we¹re really looking for here is the most cost effective solution ­ but
> > that I mean the most bang for the buck ­ we have the infrastructure to
> > bother paying for extra luxuries/niceties/conveniences.
> >
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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