[thelist] Hardware list or reviews of web servers?

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Thu Jan 3 10:01:32 CST 2002

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the info!  Here's some more info on what our server does:

December Monthly Averages:
Kbytes: 16503185   
Hits:   2156303 
Files:  1628533    
Pages:  1076881    
Visits: 69118

We run Redhat, Apache and ServletExec.  You see, our SQL server is on a box
with at least 2 other SQL databases (all MS) as well.  Our web server load
consistently tops out at +300%... What we're also thinking is our database
queries might be bottlenecking at the SQL box...

It's to the point where we're thinking about blocking google from spidering
our site...


on 1/2/2002 3:56 PM, Daniel J. Cody at djc at members.evolt.org wrote:

> Hey Chris -
> The most cost effective solution these days for webservers is dual
> athlon servers.

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