[thelist] mac explorer 5.1 and javascript

maurice maurice at graciebarra.be
Thu Jan 3 10:52:31 CST 2002

> the problem happens here:
> http://space.craft.free.fr/snack/index.html
> when the "next / last" arrows [the white circles at the top of the page] are
> moused over or clicked in mac ie 5.1
> strangely, allthough I cant reproduce this. I am sure this happened the
> first time i hit the page but now it only happens AFTER the content has been
> changed with js.
> (dont worry about images missing and such i have moved the out the way while
> i sort this cursor thing out)

As someone mentioned before I think it is just slow (or very long) code
being excecuted.
Funny thing though is the first time the page loads everything is fine.
As soon as I click one of the arrows, the second page takes 30seconds each
time to display the little arrow with the shadow.
I guess it has something to do with the preloading of these little graphics.

Btw this is all in ie5.1mac, in opera5mac the page doesn't work (no text is
displayed) and in mozilla0.9.5mac it works fine, but the arrows are slow to
change (takes a second or two)



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