[thelist] mac explorer 5.1 and javascript

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 08:16:30 CST 2002

>i cannot isolate the problem so i am finding it difficult to phrase my
>question, but the symptoms are obvious and only seem to occur in the latest
>mac explorer 5.1. (not in NS of mozilla or ie5)
>basiclly a little circle cursor (black and white and rotating) icon has
>started appearing when I mouseover or click on a link that has a bunch of 
>attached. this happens when its a text link or image, online and local, I
>have tried taking blocks of the js out and it won't go away.

I think it's simply because the script takes such a long time to execute. It 
indeed goes much faster in Netscape 6. But the problem is the script itself 
being slow, not the circle cursor showing. Speed up the script and the 
cursor will disappear much faster.

As to why the script is slow, I don't know. (Well, maybe I'd say "Because it 
is Dreamweaver", but that would be unfair). It's a typical wysiwyg script 
that you simply can't figure out without spending a full day on it.

Would be interesting to find out, though.


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