[thelist] December stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 3 12:08:34 CST 2002

MacEdition's CodeBitch wrote:

> Daniel,
> This is all very interesting. See also
> http://www.macedition.com/cb/cb_20011231.php for an analysis of MacEdition's
> stats, with more detail on Mac browsers, and an Analog file

nice article

> (http://www.macedition.com/cb/manconf.cfg) that cleans up a lot of search
> engine spiders and concentrates on the humans.  Note that the default Analog

very thorough list of bots and search engines in there, nice!

> settings don't adequately capture (non-spoofed) Omniweb or iCab, or many
> browsers on non-standard devices, like AvantGo and the Dreamcast browser. I
> find that the sub-version browser report setting is quite illuminating, and
> I'm actively seeking reports from other sites on the trends in browser usage
> in their own stats.

heres the reworked browser report:

67.36%: 1062211: MSIE
15.41%:  243054: SearchEngineSpider
10.66%:  168143: Netscape
  2.42%:   38161: Opera
  0.20%:    3108: Powermarks
  0.19%:    2976: libwww-perl
  0.21%:    3278: Offline Explorer
  0.28%:    4464: PageDown
  0.13%:    2094: Come to papa v1.0
  1.14%:   18021: Netscape (compatible)
  0.07%:    1179: AvantGo
  0.08%:    1316: Radio UserLand
  0.20%:    3117: Konqueror
  0.16%:    2509: WebWasher
  0.04%:     623: Lynx
  0.07%:    1154: iCab
  0.09%:    1497: OmniWeb
  0.17%:    2667: DA 5.0
  0.06%:    1011: FlashGet
  0.04%:     681: ColdFusion

interesting seeing it that way..i'm suprised so many people use Konq.. 
looks like i have a couple more user-agents to block too.

btw, since we're talking about it.. do you see Inktomi's slurp bot 
accessing directories that are disallowed in the robots.txt file? I've 
been seeing it in the last month off and on.. would hate to block them 
out like the rest of the spambots, but they're archiving things they 
shouldn't be.. just wondering :)

> Are you sure that the jump up in Netscape isn't really the recent change in
> Slurp's browser tag?  Also, I have a humble request to use percentages in
> the reports, as this makes your stats easier to compare to other sites.

I'm not sure that it *isnt* slurp, but the number of hits from slurp 
bots didn't seem high enough to explain the jump in NS browsers..

And percentages are now on for future reports, good suggestion(i'm easy 
to convince! :)


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