[thelist] December stats for evolt.org

MacEdition's CodeBitch codebitch at macedition.com
Wed Jan 2 18:16:27 CST 2002


This is all very interesting. See also
http://www.macedition.com/cb/cb_20011231.php for an analysis of MacEdition's
stats, with more detail on Mac browsers, and an Analog file
(http://www.macedition.com/cb/manconf.cfg) that cleans up a lot of search
engine spiders and concentrates on the humans.  Note that the default Analog
settings don't adequately capture (non-spoofed) Omniweb or iCab, or many
browsers on non-standard devices, like AvantGo and the Dreamcast browser. I
find that the sub-version browser report setting is quite illuminating, and
I'm actively seeking reports from other sites on the trends in browser usage
in their own stats.

Are you sure that the jump up in Netscape isn't really the recent change in
Slurp's browser tag?  Also, I have a humble request to use percentages in
the reports, as this makes your stats easier to compare to other sites.

Best regards,

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> Namaste!
> December stats for the gamut of evolt.org websites have hatched:
> Hits: 
> 1.6Mil
> Page Views:    667,000(new record by over 100,000!)
> Hosts Served:    88,000
> Page Views/day:    22,400
> Data transfer:    79Gb(beating last months record - again)
> Data transfer/day: 2.6Gb
> of interest(to me at least ;) :
> the number of netscape based browsers visiting evolt.org rose
> dramatically from last month. in november, about 171,000 total requests
> were made with netscape browsers. in december, that number shot up to
> 221,000 requests from netscape browsers; an increase of about 50k total
> requests. the opera browser also enjoyed an increase of about 10K total
> requests compared to november.

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