[thelist] SQL Query : using Group By and Order By together

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jan 5 10:33:51 CST 2002

> see
id424565_tax285649,00.html> for an example of generating total rows using

[sheesh]  correcting my own post

the example above does not use GROUP BY, as it generates only one "totals"
line, the overall total --

select "detail"
        , a
        , b
        , (a + b) as sum
     from yourTable
union all
   select "total"
        , sum(a)
        , sum(b)
        , sum(a + b)
     from yourTable
order by 1
        , 2

GROUP BY would be used if totals were required by group, but there's no
grouping here

sorry if there was any confusion


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