[thelist] A suggestion for Web Programers

Syed Zeeshan Haider zeeshan_paki at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 5 15:10:48 CST 2002

Hello Everybody,

Many of Evolters post messages for asking for help in web programming.
Others help them by creating good and handy codes for them and posting them
to Evolt.

There always exists a possibility of faults and flaws in the codes. For this
reason many helpers modify their previously posted codes and post ONLY
modified parts of the codes along with some directions to use. This can
confuse those evolters who are totally ignorant of concept of programming or
those who are not comfortable with the language of code. To avoid the
problems of such Evolters I suggest the following to the Web Programmers.

"If you have to add modifications and amendments in your posted codes, DO
NOT send only modified part of code. Copy and paste whole (modified version)
of code and send this to Evolt. This will be very helpful for those who do
not find programming very friendly."

I hope all Web Programmers will think about it seriously.

Thank you,

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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