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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Jan 6 10:23:15 CST 2002


> From: Erik Mattheis
> IE Mac doesn't seem to understand what to do with the
> div id="content" and interprets <body scroll="no">, so
> you can't ... well, scroll.

ok, that sucks.  the scroll option is now only sent down the pipe for ie/win
users.  hopefully that solves the problems for the ie/mac users.

> The "add to basket" button might be confusing ... I was
> wondering if I checked a lot of boxes and hit one of the
> buttons whether all would be added, or just one. Maybe
> if it was input type="image" it would be more intuitive
> ... or even better just do a a href on the hi rez and
> low rez.

hmmm, interesting observation.  in building the site, i found myself wanting
to go through the list of images displayed, checking the size for each i
wanted and *then* clicking an "add to basket" button.  there's not enough
time left in the budget to address an issue of this magnitude (it would
require entirely rethinking the basket functionality and "add to/update
basket" button placement), but is definitely something to keep in the back
of my mind if the client wants to address other issues as well.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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