[thelist] Usability Critique - http://documents.pape.com/

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Sun Jan 6 04:26:29 CST 2002

Looks pretty good...I really like the idea of keeping the search at the 
top of the page when searching the cart. I'm gonna do that in my cart. :)
Two small things on the usability side.
After I added something to the cart, and wanted to check out for a few 
seconds I had no idea what to do. I did locate the cart button after a 
few seconds, but it wasn't obvious at first. Perhaps lighting up the 
cart button after they have something in their cart or making it obvious 
that clicking that button is the next step. The same goes for the Basket 
page...I equated the checkbox to checkout but it wasn't obvious at first.
The only other thing was after I checked out, filling in my info and 
clicking checkout, I was taken to the page. At first I didn't see the 
text that said the info has been sent to my email address. What drew my 
eyes at first was the cart telling me I had nothing in my cart. I got 
all confused and placed my order again. The next time I placed it I saw 
the top text, telling me my order had gone through. doh!

Obviously these are small issues, and people should be able to figure it 
out. It depends on the intelligence of the audience i guess :)
One suggestion, perhaps you could have a "remember me" type checkbox on 
the checkout page, that if checked sets the first name, last name, and 
email address to cookies that are used to fill in those values next 
time. No typing for repeat customers...


Jeff Howden wrote:

>i just recently finished up a project for a client and i'd like to get a
>critique on its usability.
>the users of this site will know why they're here.  it's publicly available
>(ie, no login required and will eventually get spidered), but the casual
>visitor is *not* the target audience.  the purpose of the site is to provide
>media professionals with a place to get stock photography of product offered
>by papé group companies without having to interface with papé group company
>personnel, thereby (hopefully) saving everyone some time.
>right now the site only contains images in low and high resolution.  at some
>point i imagine the client will want this site to have the capability of
>delivering pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, and any number of other types of
>documents -- hence calling it "documents repository" as opposed to "image
>library" or something.
>now, knowing all of that, what do you think about the usability of the site?
>jeff at members.evolt.org

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