[thelist] Usability Critique - http://documents.pape.com/

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 6 11:02:13 CST 2002

> From: Joel
> Very nice. Everything was clear and understandable,
> easy to use. One issue - it took a while before I
> noticed the tools in the upper right (search, cart,
> etc.) Perhaps something to draw attention (subtly) to
> this area?

ok, excellent observation.  i'm not sure, short of abandoning the coloring
and iconic navigation, how to subtly draw attention to the tools.  any

I have one, but not sure you'll like it..
simply a layer positionned at top right, with a kind of text box and an
arrow, pointing to the search buttons.
this layer is visible for X seconds and then disappear.. for sure the
attention will have been drawn, at least in the upper right corner of the
screen, and you don't have to touch to your navigation button..

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