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Sun Jan 6 10:16:35 CST 2002


> From: Joel
> Very nice. Everything was clear and understandable,
> easy to use. One issue - it took a while before I
> noticed the tools in the upper right (search, cart,
> etc.) Perhaps something to draw attention (subtly) to
> this area?

ok, excellent observation.  i'm not sure, short of abandoning the coloring
and iconic navigation, how to subtly draw attention to the tools.  any

> Okay, two issues - the search icon kept looping the
> animation the whole time I was at the search page. I
> hate motion on the page while I'm trying to think.

that's all i needed to hear about that damn search icon.  i made it as an
experiment, but soon grew to dislike it.  in usability studies you hear of
people actually covering annoying animations with their hands or paper, but
don't really think that happens all that often.  without even realizing it,
i found myself doing the same thing.  so -- it's annoying -- it's gotta go.
now i just gotta find the frame of the animation that looks the best and use

perhaps the rollover state could still use the animation, but that would
mean making animations for the rollover state for the rest of the icons.

> Those are minor quibbles, though. A very intuitive site.
> If I were a potential client/user, I'd be very pleased
> and very likely to return.

what did you think of the different search results displays?  in case you
didn't notice, you get an alternate search results display if you check the
"show only thumbnails" checkbox.  i'm curious what you think of that and the
ability (if your browser is capable) of adjusting the number of columns to
break the results into based on the width of your browser window.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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