[thelist] Usability Critique - http://documents.pape.com/

Joel joel at spinhead.com
Sun Jan 6 02:33:54 CST 2002

Very nice. Everything was clear and understandable, easy to use. One
issue - it took a while before I noticed the tools in the upper right
(search, cart, etc.) Perhaps something to draw attention (subtly) to
this area? Okay, two issues - the search icon kept looping the animation
the whole time I was at the search page. I hate motion on the page while
I'm trying to think.

Those are minor quibbles, though. A very intuitive site. If I were a
potential client/user, I'd be very pleased and very likely to return.

joel at spinhead.com

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i just recently finished up a project for a client and i'd like to get a
critique on its usability.


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jeff at members.evolt.org

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