[thelist] Usability Critique - http://documents.pape.com/

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Jan 6 20:18:46 CST 2002

[I think an earlier response disappeared. Apologies if this is redundant.]

Hi, Jeff --

I've read all the othe comments, and don't have much to add, except with
regard to the navigation/icon issue.

* The cart looks odd because it has no depth, as opposed to all the others

* I wanted to see some difference in the cart icon after I had added
something to it. I don't know why -- it's not a typical behavior for an
icon, since there's no other indicator of cart contents (without hovering
over the button), I guess I was looking for some sort of cue that the item
had been added. (The button's change from "Add to Basket" to "Update Basket"
is good, but a little too subtle to achieve what I'm talking about.)

* One reason the buttons don't stand out much for many users is because
they're Windows icons.

I think you can address all of these issues if you take Google's approach
with their tool bar and create 5 new icons. I don't know what your timeline
is, but it would lend some distinctiveness to the tool bar while maintaining
the basic "part of the browser" concept of the panel.


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